Melusi’s Everyday Zulu Book

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‘You’re probably thinking, “Melusi’s Everyday Zulu? Heh, bantu. Who is this Melusi? Why should we care about his everyday Zulu? Why does he even get to have his own Zulu?”‘ Because he simply hijacked it. Six days a week, Melusi Tshabalala, creative professional and entrepreneur posts a new isiZulu word on his Melusi’s Everyday Zulu Facebook page and tells a story to help bring the word to life. His off-beat sense of humour, razor-sharp social observations and frank political commentary not only teach his followers isiZulu words and expressions but also offer insight into the world Melusi inhabits as a 21st-century Zulu man. Melusi’s Everyday Zulu holds up a mirror that shows South African society in all its flaws and its sheer humanity. He pokes fun at our differences and makes us laugh at ourselves and each other. His fans love him for his honesty and commitment to pointing out subtle and overt forms of prejudice and racism. Most importantly, he shows the power of words and that there’s um’Zulu in all of us!

Duduza. Bopha. Imbiza. Phapha. Asixoliseni. Amapopeye . . . What is the power of a single word?. Six days a week, advertising creative Melusi Tshabalala posts a Zulu word on his Everyday Zulu Facebook page and tells a story about it.

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